Strategy for cable management?

I am giving serious consideration to getting an IOTaWatt when OEM gets them back in stock. One thing that has crossed my mind is the back of the meter board is a mess of spaghetti. My meter box has a hinged board inside that has meters and circuit breakers bolted to the front with the cables coming out the back. Adding 14 CTS will compound the spaghetti mess. I also wonder if other cables close to the CTs will cause interference. Does anyone have any ideas to organize things better without having an electrician rewire the whole board? I had thought of making a bracket to hold the CTs but I am not sure how or what material to use. I also thought a small piece of box ducting might allow the CT cables to be routed the IOTaWatt without too much contact with the 240V wiring.

Any ideas or even pictures would be appreciated.


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