Suspected failed input port

Hi Bob,

I have a recently installed Iotawatt and one of the inputs (input 8 if it matters) has failed; tore apart my panel again thinking it was the CT, everything looked good but the input was still zero.

Rechecked my settings everything looked fine so I did what I should have done in the first place and just swapped it’s input with the one beside being as they have the same CT installed and low and behold the input still read zero with the new source but the CT I thought was the issue was reading fine in the adjacent port (9).

Any ideas on what the issue could be or is it the Iotawatt itself?


It could be the jack itself. There was an incident during production with the wave solder process. I’ve had one other unit returned with solder inside the jack. In that case it was not possible to insert the plug.

What was the order number?

Order #128399

The unit has had a few other wonky issues so maybe it is the solder? I sometimes takes a few power cycles in order to boot and when I got it it had the red-green-green startup issue that I removed and reseated the SD card for.

Otherwise I’m loving the product - really happy with the purchase outside of the failed jack/port. Has also given me a side project of porting Emoncms to it’s own docker container and updating it to work with Redis/MySQL/MQTT in their own separate containers, which I think I’ve finally got working right as well :slight_smile: