Time of Use Tariff

hey all

I am changing my provider tarriff to the following rates.

16.16 c/kWh Off Peak usage (8pm-6:59 PM)
26.46 c/kWh Peak usage (4pm-7:59 PM)
19.25 c/kWh Shoulder usage (7am-3:59 PM)
19.25 c/kWh Shoulder usage (8pm-9:59 PM)

I have my iotawatt exporting to influxdb and grafana to display stats.

I cant see any way of making different outputs for certain time ranges from iotawatt?

I havent been able to get grafana to do a selected time range either?

does any one have any ideas here?

PVoutput has the ability to specify TOU tariff with four time periods.

You could also use query to download hourly data to a spreadsheet and calculate there.

Yeah was hoping of finding a way to get the info into my grafana dashboard

Not tried this myself (yet)

Could you use continuous queries in influx? Look up the cost from one table based on time and apply it to the energy used? Store the result in a cost table (say every minute)

Grafana then queries your cost table.

Influx docs here InfluxQL Continuous Queries | InfluxDB OSS 1.7 Documentation