Total newb questions

Hi, I apologize for my absolute lack of knowledge of anything electrical.
I’m buying a house and i’ll have a home assistant/smarthome - with NUC running 24/7. Solar panels etc. I’d like to monitor energy usage and i’d like to know which product here i should get. This place was recommended by colleague and it seems like a friendly area :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of my circuit breaker box

i’m counting upwards of 30 circuits.
I’d like to monitor energy gained from panels, used from house as a whole and some granularity on separate cuircits/appliances would be nice. Should i get a base with 3 CTs ? Or two bases and 30 total CTs ( however many circuits there are )

PS. Don’t worry. Professional electrician will handle an installation. I’m quite aware of my limits :slight_smile:

Can’t really make out any details from the pic. Maybe a pic of each row with the lid open would reveal more about your setup. Offhand it Looks European, and I suspect three-phase so maybe Germany? I would need to know the voltage, if it’s single or three-phase, and what type of plugs you have.

Monitoring whole house consumption, and solar generation is easy. A prioritized list of what else you would like to measure would be helpful. I would recommend starting with one unit. That’s generally enough to understand usage.

Hi, house in in Poland so close enough.
Electrician said three-phase. 230W. I’ll try to get more info and better pictures once i talk to the electrician.