Trying to Buy but PS is out of stock?

Little confused. Because the PS is sold out I can’t buy any packages?
Is there an ETA on when they will be back in stock?

If I know the connections and ratings I can just buy one off the shelf.

Received a restock last week. Have updated inventory. Thanks for the heads up.

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Excellent. thank you! Just bought a house so I’m not exactly sure where all these circuits go.

Can you tell me if I am heading in the right direction with my purchase.

Looking to get:

1 200A CT Clamp (In-law apartment sub panel)
1 100A CT (Oven - which Im not exactly sure why it’s a 100 amp circuit since it’s a gas oven, but maybe an electric oven was there at some point)
1 50A CT (Circuits 6 & 8 - unknown)
1 50A CT (Circuits 10 & 12 - unknown)
1 50A CT (Circuits 3 & 5 - Well and Pump)

and 50s for the rest

So probably
1x 200
1x 100
10x 50

The circuit labelled oven appears to be 50A. If it’s a gas oven, you might want to investigate that further to see if it’s using 120V or 240V, or even if it’s using that breaker (turn it off and see if the oven still works).

I suspect the 100A breakers are for the in-law apartment. You will need two 100A CTs for that.

Your should monitor your mains, which would require two 200A CTs.

Then up to 10 50A as you see fit for the rest.

Thank you. For the 200A do you recommend a split core or clamp?

The advantage of the clamp is that it’s usually easier and safer to install. So without seeing the inside of your box, I’d recommend the clamp.

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