UK User - Fuse box cover

I’m based in the UK and am thinking about monitoring all my circuits in my fusebox. My fusebox complies with the latest edition, i.e. it’s metal clad. Big enough for all the RCBOs thankfully but 6 x CTs and getting the lid back on??? I’m not sure. Where do I stand legally in leaving the lid off please - anyone?

Not safe. Inspection fail for certain. Don’t do it. Not Safe - did I mention it wasn’t safe? (But you knew that)

Ideally get a new distribution board with more space. If that isn’t an option then there are ‘distribution board relocation kits’ (wiska/wago do one) that might help. E.g.

That box probably isn’t big enough either but a larger adaptable box with a din rail to mount the connectors on might do the job.

A CT can go anywhere (provided you can split the live conductor(s) from the others).

This is really a job for a tame electrician.

Replacing a distribution board requires part L of building regs and a certificate at the end.

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Hi @Jonathan , I’m UK based as well and had the same thoughts re our tiny dist panels compared to other countries.
First of all as @philrob says it’s definitely not safe to leave the cover off!
However, are you sure you can’t fit the CT’s in your existing panel? Mine was tight but with a bit of careful manouvering of the wires I got them all oin and the cover back on without too much difficulty.
For sure you should only attempt a self install if you are absolutely sure what you are doing. If not get a qualified sparks to take a look and do it for you.
240V bites :wink: