UL reference transformer

Hi! I’m trying to work out a set up for my IoTaWatt and I want to set it up within my circuit breaker box (lots of room in there). I can’t find a UL reference transformer (9VAC or 12VAC) and USB-C transformer that doesn’t have a wall wart. I just want insulated wires to wire them into a dedicated circuit breaker. I’ve seen references to this setup but haven’t seen any actual products that would be compatible.

Sorry to ask this on the forums, I’ve looked through and can’t find any models that I can easily buy online.

I understand that some folks just don’t have a convenient external location. Nevertheless I’m obligated to discourage mounting the IoTaWatt inside your load center. It’s not tested for safety inside the panel (it would fail) and the WiFi will have a hard time with the steel box.

There’s more to a reference transformer than just the voltage. All transformers will have a phase shift between the primary and secondary. To get an accurate voltage reference, the phase shift must be compensated out. The supported transformers (there are many) have been tested and the phase shift included along with the voltage calibration.