Unconnected CT is buzzing

Hi All,

I have a 50A CT that I bought from Iotawatt buzzing. Its not connected yet to the iotawatt yet Is this normal and safe?

thanks all.

No, it’s not normal. The protection diode is probably defective. You should plug it in.

While the diodes are there to shunt the CT and protect it while unplugged, the recommendation is to NOT rely on that for extended periods. The diodes are “belt and suspenders”. It’s easy enough to plug it in or unclip it from the cable.

I have some on my test jig that buzz when disconnected. They are still accurate as the diode is not an active component when connected. They can be damaged, but I have not experienced that with buzzing.

If you find it does not work after he buzzing, I can replace it.

thanks overeasy. I will connect and report back.

CT Is working correctly after connecting it to IotaWatt. Thanks again for your answer. Love the product.