Upgrade after years

Yes, you can say I’m bad, or you can take it as a great compliment…

I have a dual Iotawatt system running 2.05.05. It’s been running flawlessly with home assistant and I saw no reason to update.

I am making a bunch of changes, I added a new branch circuit, and upgraded home assistant. I should probably hit the button on an firmware update to iotawatt just to not be too out of date.

Is there a cumulative release notes document somewhere, notably one that tells me if there are breaking changes? I tried to work through the announcements but it’s a bit confusing whether I am seeing everything I need.

Alternatively, my real question … should just updating work, with no special steps or provisions? Or maybe to the point is that the best way to do this, just see what breaks? The only thing I use is output to influxdb, with a couple calculations associated with it.

Yes… I should pay more attention. But that’s what you get for having a product that just works!


There is only the brief descriptions in the common.cpp module:

 *   03/27/20 02_05_06 Use legacy mDNS, combine influxDBmeasurements
 *   04/02/20 02_05_07 Overide HTTPS with HTTP in Emonservice, influxService
 *   04/20/20 02_05_08 Nothing to see here, just a change to tables.txt to add AccuCTs forced version change
 *   05/03/20 02_05_09 Add VAR VARh to script and query, Disable datalog WDT during update download, rp in influx query
 *   09/14/20 02_05_10 Add WiFi to status query
 *   09/21/20 02_05_11 Add Graph+ imbed
 *   12/02/20 02_05_12 Maintenance. Fix query chunking, Tables updates, contributed app changes.
 *   03/10/21 02_06_00 Add HTTPSproxy, influx2, ms Scheduler, recode Script, uploader base class, more..
 *   03/18/21 02_06_01 "server" restart issue, vars in influx tags, init influx bucket
 *   03/19/21 02_06_02 More config cleanup and conversion
 *   05/04/21 02_06_03 Auth workaround for browser issue, allow local access, auto download new tables.txt files
 *   06/17/21 02_06_04 Fix query amps when doubled, suppress recovered pvouput http errors
 *   07/08/21 02_06_05 Issue with influxDB uploaders not recovering data from server outage.
 *   09/25/21 02_06_06 Support alternate RTC, datalog low-write, influxDB2 restart query, more robust Script
 *   09/27/21 02_07_00 Add integrations
 *   10/05/21 02_07_01 Modify integrations algorithm to simplify and improve query range
 *   10/18/21 02_07_02 More changes to integrations and add synchronization of logs updates
 *   11/01/21 02_07_03 Release integrations
 *   11/14/21 02_07_04 Fix several issues with influxDB2. Modify integrations Docs.
 *   12/16/21 02_07_05 Fix several problems with Scripts
 *   10/04/22 02_08_00 Core 3.0.2, Robust no Voltage, rework sample cycle and power, misc fixes

Update should just work. Takes about one minute to download and install. That said, if you are not experiencing problems, don’t need anything in newer releases and are generally satisfied - If it ain’t broke…

Well, decided to go ahead and pull the trigger; didn’t want to have to do it under the gun some day when Influx upgrades and has a breaking change, or some such.

Did one, when it worked did the other.

The good news is no issues as best I can tell, still getting updates, things look fine.

I think I’ll just leave it on MINOR. Thanks for the quick response earlier.

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MINOR is currently 02_07_05. 02_08_00 is currently BETA and will probably go MINOR in a month or so. So far there have been zero issues going from 02_07_05 to 02_08_00.