US split phase balancing?

Just got my first IoTaWatt, and one of the first observations that has surprised me is the balance between the two phases is way off, like a factor of 10:1. E.g., ~600 W on one phase and ~60 W on the other, which seems to be the steady-state usage in the house during normal occupation (lights, computers, TV/media, etc.).

What do people think about my moving a couple circuits around in the panel to balance that out? Or, don’t worry about it at usage levels this low?

Most of the large usage is 240V, so nota problem. 600W should not skew your voltages, too much, but if it’s steady state and more than one load contributes to the 600W, no harm in balancing.

I would suggest the question is “what problem are you trying to solve” in balancing, to ensure that one voltage reference is adequate, or some perceived inefficiency or actual usage problem.