Very minor issue just to give heads up

I noticed in testing my iotawatt that the USB power input and the supplied usb power supply do not mate well. I can get it to power up but a slight breeze will cause the plug to fall out. I am wondering if the usb jack is supposed to sit flush with the case, cause the one I have is recessed and the plug has a far amount of plastic to prevent it from fully seating.

My current plan is to take a blade and trim up the excess plastic on the plug side.

The enclosure does restrict the plug from fully inserting, but that has not been a problem with thousands in the field. I did however get one other report of this problem recently. The make and model of USB power supply varies with availability, and I have used several different brands. Could you tell me the model that you have?

Trimming the plug is a good solution and I recommend it. Thanks.

xppower vel05usb060-us-ub
Maybe off a bit on that the font is very small and hard to read

FYI - couple of seconds with a box cutter on the plug fixed it right up.

I just wanted to note that I have the same xppower USB supply as hagak and have had the same problem of the usb plug falling out. I’ll try trimming the plug to fit inside the usb cutout in the case.