Volunteering to assist development


I’m a new IoTaWatt user (just ordered the device), and I just wanted to give a quick introduction. I was wondering if there’s any development assistance wanted for this project. I’m an electrical engineer, and my day job is writing and testing firmware for embedded devices, so I have a good background to be able to contribute. And I’m very interested in helping people save energy! So if there’s any open feature requests that I would be able to help implement, I’d be happy to do so.

Thanks for creating this great device!


Hi @tomatotree here’s one (trivial) suggestion Set combobox order for saved graphs?. I’m just a user. @overeasy may have far more important issues to suggest.

Thank you for the interest. The V5 unit is Rock solid now, and functionality is pushing the limits of the ESP8266, so I’m reluctant to try to add anything new. There is a list of things that could be done, but the trade off is whether to try to add to the ESP8266 or put all the effort into the ESP32, which is well along.

The ESP8266 firmware is on Github. Once you setup your device and get familiar with it, you may have some insight into where you may fit into the project.