Watts showing, but 0 amps on input - [resolved with 02_07_05]

Not sure what’s going on here, but this is my water heater which is on a pure 240V circuit with a single CT doubled

Input_9 config

Any idea why it would be showing solid 0 amps?

Less important is something else I just realized which is is anything to do with my integration (for net grid import/export as I have solar) gives bonkers amp readings

If i do just the 2 mains:

if I try to add my “import”:

The amps readings are like 100x higher than it should be?

Two different issues here:

Amps for the “doubled” water heater is a bug that is fixed in the current BETA release 02_07_05. That will probably auto-update MINOR the first week in January.

The problem with Amps in the integration is that IoTaWatt only integrates Wh and not Amps. So the Script is returning Watts instead of Amps. Since Amps are RMS and so have no sign, they cannot be integrated into negative and positive components. If you have some interest in what the Amps would be, just create an output with the same Script as the integration and plot it.

Graph+ should not be returning kA for integrations, so I’ll look into how it should behave with units other than Watts and Wh.

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