Why is solar showing so high

Im in Australia and have the 50amp CT around my incoming red cable the comes from the solar inverter to the switchboard but it’s showing 3 times what the reading show be. Why is this happening and how can I correct it? See the screenshot from today’s solar production readings on my 5kwh inverter from the inverter data logger and the screenshot from iotawatt which is similar wave pattern but multiplied by 3.

You’ve demonstrated the problem fine, but there’s nothing to help with the diagnosis. My first impression is that it’s closer to 4x, so is it possible that you have configured the CT as a 200A model?

Please post your inputs setup display.

See inputs, I just followed the steps from the setup guide maybe I have to revisit.

As I suspected. Those are all 200A CTs. The CTs have a model number printed on them. The 50 A that I sell are AcuCT-H040-50. If you change the Solar and any others with 50A, your results should agree with your inverter output.

Also, 200A is rare in 230V countries. Your mains are probably 100A CTs (or maybe even 50A). The 100A model is AcuCT-H063-100.

Again, the model for most CTs is printed on them, although I’ll admit it’s very small print on the AccuCTs.

Arrhh no wonder they were all wrong actually. I have changed to the correct CTS and it’s showing correct info as I can verify the solar through solar data logger (although sometimes off as I think data logger is delayed info) and the 2 flats through a seperate din mounted Meter in their sub boxes. A few other questions to be specific.

  1. is my mains in correct position ? It’s after the main fuse coming into domestic Meter?

  2. I didn’t buy another ct to measure the main cb in the main switchboard, is there any formula I can use to measure as an output? Or will it be off because mains has negative values when exporting to grid?

  3. does it matter if the wires are messy? Will it cause a bad reading through some kind of induction ?

That’s one of the more tangled panels that I’ve seen, so it’s very hard to follow what’s going on. You are showing very low power factors for several circuits. They are low power so could be realistic, but I’d be sure the CTs are closed tightly and there are no impurities between the mating surfaces.

Yes, I believe so. If you want to measure exported power, you would need to click “allow negative values” in the mains CT setup. I cannot tell if the mains CT is reversed with the data provided, but that may need to be checked.

Once you are allowing negative values in the main and are sure you have the mains CT oriented correctly, you can create an output for consumption that would be Mains + Solar.

Which wires are you talking about? With that flexible tube the CT wires seem to be better organized than the rest of the panel. I don’t think there will be significant inaccuracy from induction.

Thanks for the feedback. Ive added some outputs I’ll see how it performs. Also when I open the panel next time I’ll make sure all CTS are closed tightly. As it’s quite messy when I close the board it’s very tight to screw back to the wall so I was talking about all the wires being squashed in with the CTS will be touching other wires on the outside, hopefully that does not affect the readings.

When I installed it I had to tick the reverse and allow negative on the mains CT to get what I think was the proper reading as it was showing negative normally or positive when exporting without these values being ticked.

I was showing low power level as it was early morning with not much being used
flat1 empty, 1 person in flat2 and 2 persons in MainHouse.

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