Wi-Fi Issue: WMM Not Supported (resolved)

I had a bit of a time getting my IoTaWatt to connect to my Wi-Fi network and thought I would share the details here to save anyone else who runs across this issue some time.

The IoTaWatt saw my SSID just fine during the scan, but after entering the password and clicking save, it was unable to connect. My Wi-Fi infrastructure, unhelpfully, did not generate any logging output for the connection attempt; not even a failure/error message.

After a lot of trial and error, I found out two things:

  1. My Wi-Fi network was configured to require WMM support from clients.
  2. The ESP8266 does not support WMM.

I had no actual reason to require WMM client support on my Wi-Fi network, so I turned that requirement off and the IoTaWatt was immediately able to connect and has been working great ever since.

For reference, my Wi-Fi network uses a Cisco 2504 WLC running software version

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