Wi-Fi Troubleshooting / Debugging?


I have recently been getting periodic Wi-Fi disconnects on my two IoTaWatt units, resulting in log entries like:

3/06/23 02:09:52 WiFi disconnected.
3/06/23 03:09:52 WiFi disconnected more than 60 minutes, restarting.

Is there someplace I can look (or a debug setting I can turn on) to find a more-detailed error message about what made the IoTaWatt disconnect from Wi-Fi?

Thanks in advance!

The log also indicates the RSSI on every Wi-Fi connection. What does it say?

Mine is in a low signal strength location and typically say -70dB, but has no problem maintaining a connection.

At -80dB devices typically have some difficulty. At -90dB devices typically have great difficulty connecting.
At -60dB or better (less negative number) signal strength is not the issue.

What router/AP do you have?
What environment are you in? Apartment with lots of Wi-Fi from neighbors? Isolated in a rural area with no other visible 2.4GHz activity? Someplace in between?