CT for big cables


Hello, I need to measure power on a cable having a diameter of 35mm. The maximum internal diameter for the CTs already configured for the IotaWatt is 27mm, for what I have seen.
Do you have any suggestion/experience on any bigger compatible CT?
Thanks a lot in advance,


What is the maximum current?


The maximum current is 200A


The Echun ECS36-200 50ma output should work. If you google “Echun ecs36” you will see their company website and contact info on global-source. You can contact them directly and get pricing for the 200amp/50ma model with 3.5mm jack.

These are not in the IoTaWatt tables but can be configured as generic with 4000 “turns”. If you get them, I can explain how to determine the approximate phase shift.


Great! thanks a lot!


I’m having troubles finding a supplier for Echun in Italy.
I’m guessing if YHDC SCT036TS would be fine as well, and configure it as a generic with 6000 turns


I can’t confirm that. Their documentation suggests that it has a low VA output and may not work well with a 24 ohm burden resistor. Similar to the problems that have developed with the SCT006.

You should be able to get them direct from Echun through Global Source.