Using Honeywell CT cslt6b100 for current readings


Hi All,

Has anyone been able to connect the Honeywell CSLT6b100 for current readings to their IoTaWatt unit?

I have dozen of them from another power system (SEGmeter) already fitted with 3.5mm jacks… and although I bought the standard CT from the IoTaWatt store, they are just big to safely fit into fuse board…

I can connect the CSLT6b100 with issues but try as I might, I cannot pick up ‘any’ readings… and datasheet (below) doesn’t state how many turns or phase the CTs are…

Datasheets here:

Any help greatly appreciated…


From a quick scan of the pdf, this product is a Hall Effect device not a current transformer which is why it can read both ac & dc currents. A current transformer is just that, a transformer, & will only work on ac circuits.


so sounds like it’s no dice at all then …

what’s what was puzzling me we that the old SEGmeter system could use either these CSLT6b100 or the SCT013 CT ammeters (which do work with the IoTA system)… but I can only assume that the inputs on the other system were programmable

Thanks for the heads up… going need to search out some smaller CT’s than stock supply version…


@stevenma is correct. IoTaWatt doesn’t work with hall effect sensors.

Take a close look at the SCT013 CTs that you have. It’s not clear from the old SEG site if those are voltage type or current type. Current type are SCT013-000 and are marked 100A/50mA. The voltage type would be something like 50A/1.0V. Their old website isn’t clear which but says the maximum is 60A, which would suggest a voltage type.

For small solid core CTs, the HWCT-004 or DL CT08CL2 (identical) are a good choice if you are willing to attach leads and a 3.5mm connector. They are good for 50A with IoTaWatt and have very good shift characteristics. 26mm OD, 8.7mm ID, 13mm wide.


OverEasy many thanks for the heads up on the HWCT-004 and the CT08CL2 CT’s, I may give them a go, but I do have one daft question: you mentioned they were small, but do you know what their outer diameter size is (I’ll take inches or mm) and the maximum internal core size is?

I can find details on all the electrical characteristics, but i all the google searches there’s nothing on physical size… (which is really odd). For Australia, the only listing on ebay are from Chinese shipping addresses, so it will take 6 weeks to deliver, so although I can just order 20, so I have plenty spare, but don’t to do that and still find it’s still to tight in the fuse board ( I made that mistake on the IoTaWatt website and ordered solid core CT’s only to find they are just as big as the split CTs)


Dimensions were in my original post:


Sorry! so busy searching Google I didn’t read the full post.

I’m just go ahead and order them and find away to make them fit…