What's kind of browser?


I can’t open iotawatt.local/ correctely. I have try with: IPAD +safari no works; IPAD+chrome no works; Mac +chrome no works, windows 10 + explorer no works.
any ideas ?


I’d stick with iPad safari. That works rock solid for me. Make sure:

  1. You have first configured your IoTaWatt to connect to a WiFi network, and the LED is a dull green.

  2. Your iPad is connected to the same WiFi network.

  3. If you have changed the name of your IoTaWatt (in the device section of the config app) then you must use the newname.local.

If that doesn’t help and you are able to check the DHCP assignments of your router to determine the IP address assigned to your device, try connecting to that (http://192.168.1.n typically).


Fixed ! IPAD+SAFARI it’s work! I reset naviagator safari.