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Having trouble setting up or using your IoTaWatt? The first step, and probably the fastest, is to consult the documentation. There you’ll find detailed step-by-step to get your IoTaWatt running and configured. There’s also a troubleshooting section that might help you identify and remedy one of the common situations that can arise.

Case Studies

As the user base expands, people are finding innovative solutions to monitoring their usage. Whether it be Solar PV performance, three-phase connection, or just a simple quick way you used IoTaWatt to uncover a phantom load. Others might have come across accessories that help make installation easier or neater, or found there were local regulatory requirements that they have found a way to comply with.


Entries describing and/or linking various resources that are of frequent interest.

Bob's Blog

This is my development Blog. It’s not a public category, but feel free to comment in another relevant category if there’s something of particular interest.


This is where I’ll be posting the current status of releases and information about functionality or major problems and their fixes. I’ve closed the category so that it’s just “official” information, so report problems and such in the other more appropriate categories.

Homebrew IoTaWatt

This is a spinoff from the early days on the openenergymonitor forum where there is a thread by this name and some pretty clever adaptations of IoTaWatt hardware and firmware. It’s all open source, so the hackers are going at it. You may feel so inclined, or looking for something more than vanilla in your IoTaWatt. Post it here or look for it in the OEM site. Both great resources. The OEM site also has a wider scope and you can get a lot of information about monitoring many other aspects of energy use, as well as exposure to the Emoncms open source server.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.