Amps, VA, pf, Hz

I think that’s the same as what IoTaWatt is doing. If you factor the radical you can remove the kh and it cancels with the kh in the dividend, leaving W / sqrt(W² + VAR²). That’s based on the notion that the h is the same measurement period in both W and VAR.

Indeed. Only the IotaWatt does it for every 5 second period, so it’s accumulated Ws and VARs. The utilities is over the whole month, so it’s energy, rather than power.

They are the same. IoTaWatt stores cumulative energy (Wh). When you want power, it divides by hours to get average W for the period. Same for VA, it stores cumulative VAh, and Voltage is stored as cumulative Vh.

Dividing out the hours is the same thing as cancelling it out in the post above. Both methods effectively divide average watts by average VA - or total Wh by total VAh - they are the same, the hours cancel out.

Agree. I meant only the concept, not the process.