Building Own Version

This place is so awesome. Never ending support by Bob and contributions by peers are fantastic. Even Homebrew devices gets the required attention. I believe local restaurants will find this device incredibly useful.

I love Iotawatt for being so small and smart but the problem is it’s so expensive for me to resell to them considering all the importing duties since I’ve had experience in importing goods from foreign.

Just had a thought to build this beautiful device on my own but I’m totally zero in this. I know PCB & Schema is in Git. If I get the list of all components with their specifications, I can give it a try.

Hope I get help.


Here you go.

Parts List.pdf (41.7 KB)

Thanks! You are awesome :grinning::innocent:

@overeasy If you don’t mine, can you share the design file of the case? Whatever the file format is. I’m trying to workout the total costs.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, i Don’t have a design file for the enclosure.

Due to the parts at present being hard to get would replacing the pcf8523t with a pcf8573t work ?

That part is a different form factor and significantly different functioning. See this post: