Device Specific Graphs

I can’t seem to find anything on here or online where people share energy graphs of specific appliances.

Is there any interest in having a specific section of this forum where people can share this?

I assume this is how sense built their neural network by feeding it examples of different appliances so it can identify these in the field. Although, it does not appear it works all that well so far.

I am thinking of adding a heat pump hot water heater and it would be interesting to see the wattage used in heat pump only mode etc.

It does seem that maybe these graphs would have to be zoomed in to see the 5 sec otherwise Graph+ shows a much lower max watts versus actual.

Does influx allow the 5 sec view for a full day or does it work the same way?

if you save to influxDB, you can see the data only as granularly as you save it. for example if you log to InfluxDB every 60 seconds, you cannot see what the data was in between those points.

i log every 15 seconds myself so i can see highly granular data.

i will gladly help you with getting data out of inflixDB using Grafana. i have a dash showing my per-breaker usage (down to the 15 second interval) and also showing power usage over all per breaker over time etc.

you can see details here

let me know

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Here is an example of a 5 stage carrier heat pump.

You can see the spike and drop in what appears to be the lowest energy stage.

The spike is there on the higher energy stages but not as extreme.

I might be rare in my desire to see things like this but figured I would put it out there.

Anyone have any ideas on what this might be?

I might need to add a lot more CT’s!

Looks like a clothes dryer. What do I win.

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Anyone have a heat pump? Is this the defrost cycle pulling 10 kW? I checked the settings and I am in heat pump only mode but the defrost with heat strips is turned on.

Yep, that’s normal. On my setup I think it’s the W wire that comes from the outside unit to the air handler and it’s tied in with the wire from the thermostat and goes to the air handler. So the thermostat can call for aux/backup/emergency heat as well as the outside unit when it does a defrost. I disconnected the wire for the outside unit to the air handler since there is no operation cost. It’s purely a comfort thing to add heat when the outside unit is defrosting since it’s essentially running in air conditioner mode at that time to take the heat from coil inside and defrost the outside coil. You might want to try it. The internet and A/C techs make it seem like your house will be freezing if you don’t use the aux heat but we really didn’t notice it that much and we’ve cut that stupid high consumption out of the equation. Our defrost cycles were pretty short around 3m typically (max 8).

After my change, back in early Feb with 2 defrost cycles:

3T Bosch IDS 2.0 for the curious.

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