02_03_07 New ALPHA - Adds user authorization

New ALPHA release includes:

  • User authorization. Adds the option to assign read/write and read-only type passwords for web access. Uses secure Digest authentication compatible with all of the popular browsers. Works with port-forward and VPN access over the internet.

  • Interim fix for mysterious time-wait problem. Some users were reporting a problem consistent with the time-wait session disconnect delay. The ESP8266 folks have merged a limitation to mitigate this problem, but it is not yet part of a general release that I can use right now. This release incorporates a temporary adaptation of that fix to give immediate relief.

  • Change config app to support user authorization scheme and provide for password maintenance.

The authorization changes are largely benign if not explicitly activated. Will update the wiki to describe the authorization over the next few days.

I turned off the influx update for a couple of hours and then restarted. It now no longer pauses after 2 min and uploaded all the history after a few minutes.

Fix seems to have worked for me.

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I too can confirm the low heap and thus slow influx updating issue no longer reproduces on 02_03_07. Cheers.