02_03_08 new ALPHA

This will go live tomorrow:

  • Shorten WiFi disconnect restart time
  • Reduce memory for influxDB service
  • Attempt some simple repairs of damaged datalog
  • Fix issue #165, allow neg power value required restart
  • Use lwip2 high bandwidth (dns problems with low memory)
  • Get Hz from associated voltage channel
  • Log date/time instead of UnixTime on datalog/histlog startup
  • Make update class change immediately responsive

The async release has been mired in problems converting over to lwip2, which was necessary because lwip1.4 is no longer supported and didn’t work reliably across a VPN. While fixing and improving other functionality, the releases were not ready for prime time because of other intermittent problems with this lwip. This release seems to resolve those issues by using the high-bandwidth variant of lwip2 rather than the low-memory version. Fingers crossed, it’s been rock solid since the change.

I expect this release to go BETA and then MINOR rather quickly if all goes well.


How are things looking with this release?