02_03_13 to go BETA, MINOR this week

02_03_13 will become the BETA and MINOR auto-update releases this week. Probably on Wednesday August 22 baring any complications. This release has gone out to ALPHA update class without incident.

As previously posted, the 02_03_xx series is the culmination of the past six months development and most of the features have been running in various APLHA class releases for months. The lingering problems dealt with memory leaks and communications problems which have been largely resolved in this release. The only known problem is a minor memory leak when authorization passwords are used.

This release also reverts to an officially released ESP8266 core (2.4.1). Some of the previous ALPHAs used the development core.

With success of this release, the hope is that it can go MAJOR auto-update soon. There are no known incompatibilities with previous releases. The auto-update process is secure with a digitally signed update package. The update will also replace the configuration app to support the new features and install a new table file to add menu picks for new VTs and CTs.