02_03_17 ALPHA auto-update

New release to ALPHA users:

  • Add LLMNR responder - Greatly improves accessibility from most browsers. Most will now just accept the device name “iotawatt”. Some will still need “iotawatt.local”, but in general works much better.
  • Use latest core 1.8.0 (2.4.2) - As implied by the version number, this is just a maintenance update of 2.4.1 and is lower risk than the previous jump.
  • Save new values before aging - this should fix a problem where initial measurements after startup are low for one measurement…
  • Add WDT to HTTP resource management - Belt and suspenders for TCP I/O. The IoTaWatt firmware is only the tip of the communications iceburg. So much goes on at lower levels, this is a double check on lost context.
  • Skip over gaps in log when posting history to Emon and influx - rare but misleading problem resolved.
  • Check for zero divide in script evaluation - was causing “inf” to be sent to Emon.

This release should go quickly to MINOR and MAJOR. The stability of 02_03_16 is compelling evidence that the datalog problems reported last month were probably caused by 02_03_13 and should be behind us now.