02_03_20 to be MINOR auto update Jan 2

This release will be the new MINOR release and ship with new units as of Jan 2, 2019.

This is the release that supports upload to PVoutput. It also contains the latest VT and CT tables and a few minor fixes. It has been running ALPHA without incident for a few weeks.

Hi, this is my first post, novice user. I installed an Iotawatt unit Dec 28, and received this update on Jan 3. At the same time, zooming in graphs stopped working. Definitely correlation in time, no idea if it was caused by it…maybe devs could take a look?

Welcome to the forum and this great tool. I will let the devs reply to your question. However, I can say that when my device did an update, there was a short period during the reboot where I lost monitoring, but this was a small blip on my overall collection radar. After the update was installed the device just picked up without issue. If a reboot or other thing that requires the device to stop logging, you will see this in the logs.

Hi, thanks and yes, I know about the reboot. I am doing that every now and then trying to figure out how to correctly hook up to monitor my three-phase power system (Norway). Almost there now…

About the zoom issue, I am referring to the zoom function in IotaWatt “Graphs” where mouse point-click-drag creates a coloured field which is then being automatically zoomed into. Now, this mouse gesture does nothing (or sometimes marks text elements outside the graph). I do miss this function during my lengthy trial and error process.

I’ll take a look at that. The graph module that I use is adapted from the open-source graph module in emoncms. It has been modified to use the IoTaWatt API and to use that API asynchronously. Since then, the emon version has been changed extensively, so this is definitely a unique fork.

With this release, I switched to loading the JQuery and graph code from a CDN. Apparently the version that I am now using does not support that. I’ll try to find one that does. In the meantime, I’m sure you found the “+” key at the top to zoom.

Let me know if you have questions about the derived reference three phase.

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