02_03_21 ALPHA release

This is a maintenance release:

New docs
more robust error handling influxDB and emonCMS
Adds EEprom hardware configuration
RTC battery low detection
graph.htm from iotawatt.com

There’s not much new here, so expect this to track to MINOR pretty quickly. This does fix the problem with zooming in the graph application.

Please report any problems ASAP.

Zooming now works again which is great. But, when my house is on the generator and the internet is down, graphs don’t work. This is expected, with the design, but not great. I will set up influxdb and Grafana locally, perhaps even before the next event.

Not sure if it would make sense to store the file locally or not.

I believe that has always been the case. The scripts for plotting are downloaded. If I were to put them on the SD, which is possible, they would take much longer to load and it would bloat the update process.