02_05_02 is now MAJOR auto update class

This release has proven to be a stable workhorse and is now the MAJOR auto update version.

In addition to various bug fixes and small enhancements, it introduces the new Graph+ and query functionality.

I just wanted to express how awesome the 02 50 xx firmware is! I installed my Iotawatt almost exactly a year ago and while helpful, the old graphing solution was rather painful to use. So painful infact, I was only using Iotawatt to troubleshoot with the status button of the home page. I knew it had the potential and when I read back in the fall that Graph+ was on the way, I abandoned pursuits to use an external data logging / dashboard service.

Just today, I decided to check if the new firmware was released and was pleasantly surprised. Graph+ is precisely what I needed and displays data in a very logical fashion. It is very responsive to selection changes and updates / refreshed data (Iā€™m not likely taxing it very much with only a half dozen channels though). Unit labels on the y-axis and having Wh graphs start at (0,0) seems like such a simple change, but it means now even my wife can review and make sense of the data.

Thank You!