02_07_03 ALPHA auto-update

02_07_03 ALPHA auto-update

Add new integrator capability. Read about it here.
Integrators make it possible top accurately track energy import and export with 5 second resolution in solar or other alternative energy systems. They also can be used to keep track of battery charge/discharge.

-------------------------------------------- About Auto-update -------------------------------
When auto-update is active, the IoTaWatt checks the latest release corresponding to it’s auto-update class and downloads and installs new releases automatically. The update process takes about 30 seconds.

As a free open-source project, the IoTaWatt firmware does not enjoy the resources needed to perform comprehensive testing of all new development, some of which could be contributed. The administrator test new code as it is developed and runs the integrated changes on several units for a period of time judged commensurate with the extent of the changes and associated risks. First and foremost a regression test is performed on all new releases to insure that there is a downgrade path should a problem develop.

The default configuration in the repository is auto-update class MINOR. Users may opt-out of the auto-update program by changing their auto-update class to NONE in the Device configuration.

As the firmware has undergone continuous maintenance and improvement over the years, users should select the appropriate auto-update class to fit their risk tolerance and capability to deal with unexpected problems.

The auto-update classes are:

ALPHA - New releases are always introduced as ALPHA. This is the front line of participation in the project. ALPHA users are expected to be prepared to re-flash their units should it become necessary, and could possibly lose data from a fault. Nevertheless, I count on the ALPHA users to expose the new releases to varying environments and to report problems quickly.

BETA - This is the next step in the life-cycle of a release if and when the ALPHA rollout is judged to be free of serious problems. The length of time in ALPHA and BETA can be as short as a week or two for minor change releases, and as long as a month or two for more substantial changes.

MINOR - After a very successful ALPHA and BETA, and a healthy length of time, a release will become a general release and advanced to MINOR. As this is the default new user class, most units are MINOR.

MAJOR - For the most risk averse that still want to enjoy the benefits of maintenance and new features