02_08_00 ALPHA, BETA auto-update

10/06/2022 ALPHA
11/04/2022 BETA

This release is primarily an update to the ESP8266/Arduino core that IoTaWatt is built on. It has taken a long time to resolve some upgrade issues and to be confident enough to incorporate into a new release. Core 3.0.2 has a lot of changes but has been out for more than a year so I don’t expect any major issues at this point.

This release also fixes a problem where IoTaWatt does not respond when a voltage input is zero. As an electricity monitor, IoTaWatt was not originally intended to operate when there was no electricity, but the landscape has evolved to where installations have UPS, generators and batteries so that there may be power in some of the equipment being measured while the grid or other sources are down.

Other changes are:
Fix allow configuring influx with multiple measurements having the same name.
Improve PVoutput exception reporting.
Fix yearly grouping on Graph+.