120V reference transformer usable on 100V?

I’d like to use the IotaWatt in a country with a 100V/50Hz power supply. Is the 120V reference transformer usable on 100V, or should I get a transformer that’s spec’d to provide 9V from 100V?

Are we talking Japan? There are a number of users there with the 120V transformer.

I was under the impression they were 60Hz, but I should probably add a phase calibration to that VT for 50 Hz.

Japan has both 50Hz and 60Hz power grids, with 50Hz on the eastern part of the country and 60Hz on the western part.

Yes, I’m in Japan. Good to know that the transformer will work; that saves me trying to find one of my own. I’m in the 50 Hz part of the country, though.

I have my IotaWatts now with the 120V/60Hz transformer. Is there anything I need to do to set it up correctly for 50Hz, or will it work just fine as-is?