1500A/phase mains - CT?


we have a 3-Phase 230/400V mains with 1500A max on each phase.

however current real load is <=500A. The wires are 45mm diameter though.

Are there compatible CTs with an inside diameter of 45mm+?
Is there a list somewhere of compatible CTs?

All the >1000A CTs I find do not have 50mA but 1A on the secondary side. I guess iotawatt can only handle 50mA?


I can get those special order from Echun in China. Usually takes about three weeks. They have 55mm with up to 1,000A rating and 80mm with up to 1,600 A rating. Based on old quotes they would be in the range of $150 each. PM if you are interested.

Typically such a service is a bundle of several smaller cables. If that’s the case, you can divide and conquer using several 400A or 600A (x 35mm). Each would require an input on the IoTaWatt. I have those in stock.

no, one cable per phase.

also are there something like flexible CTs that are compatible (like rogovsky coils)?

I have a few cables where I cannot get the big (600A) CTs around.

Sorry, that’s all I can offer.