2 CTs Vs 1 CT on a circuit

I installed IoTaWatt, works great!

I am confused about when I need to use 2CTs. I get why the 200A Main and 60A subpanel need 2 CTs.

Do I need 2 CTs for the AC, oven and dryer?

As well, I used a single CT on both lines for the dishwasher. Is that the right way?

Pics attached.

My box is full and the connections have little slack, so space for the CTs became a challenge.

An electrician friend did the install, but was new to installing monitoring devices. I clipped on the dishwasher CT, so any stupidity there is on me.


That’s all covered in the docs here. After reviewing that, come back with any questions not covered.

In your picture, the CT is around both wires, but one of the two needs to go through in the opposite direction. That’s covered in the docs above.

Thanks! The docs helped tremendously. RTFM!