2 IotaWatts to post to 1 Emoncms account

How do you set up 2 IotaWatts into 1 Emoncms account?

Thank you

Use two different node names

This software has changed and do not have a clue on how to do that. The guides do not show
the updated procedure. Can you give me any help with doing it? Thanks Again

Have you read the docs?

It looks like the docs have been updated for the Itowatt but for EmonCms it has not. I have reached out not too much help. I like to use the mobile app which has not been updated for years. I bought your product many years ago when it was not available in the USA. I think it is a nice product but the EmonCms support is lacking. Rude answers to questions. Thanks again

I took a look at the Emoncms forum and see where you asked some questions back in early 2018 and then a couple about the Emon temperature sensors in Jan 2020, but no posts since then. I don’t have anything to do with that product except to support uploading IoTaWatt data.

The OEM forum is primarily handled by devoted users and your interactions that I could see were not with the principals, who I believe to exhibit utmost courtesy. If you have a specific question you might try directing it to Trystan or Gwyn.

Don’t have any experience with their phone app. I believe it is a user contributed component, so understandably probably not a lot of ongoing effort to support there.

Phone apps are high-maintenance. There are two varieties (IOS and Android) and they have a formal approval process to place in their app stores. Emoncms and IoTaWatt Graph+ use adaptive HTML in the browser to work on mobile devices.


Really appreciate your feedback. I also have an emonPi and I am just trying to integrate everything.
I did it one time but my emonPi SD card crashed and had to reload an updated version. Now I cannot
figure out how to integrate everything. I work for a large company so I will reach out to some developers to assist me. I really like the IoTaWatt!!!

Take Care