200a CTs not reading (others are though)

the 2x CTs at the very top (inputs #5 and #2 - both are 200a CTs) are reading way too low of watt values.

(im pretty sure i have the CTs facing the wrong direction - but from what i understand that should not really be an issue). All my other CTs are reading correctly, and In terms of the software configuration in the web gui- I should have it all setup correctly RE: “Configure Input” on each input.

I do have a whole home generator and a ATS (auto transfer switch), if that is related. ive attached some images to show my setup. I am located in the USA.

(note- those Aluminum bars by the meter are from the previous home owner, some 5G protection tin-foil-hat BS that I haven’t had a chance to pull off yet)

Thanks for your time.

(shoot as a new user i can only post 3x photos, so i will try to reply to this thread with my additional photos)

here are the additional photos:


Could be one of several things, but probably not two of several things, so i’m inclined to not suspect defective inputs or CTs as there are two of them involved. You have a couple of 100A breakers in the panel as well, and mention an alternative power source, so possibly that may be involved, I just don’t know.

Here’s what I would like to do:

The mains look about the same size as the cables in the #7 100A CT. Can you swap one of the mains 200A CTs with the #7 CT and see if the problem moves with the swap or stays with the main?

thanks for the quick reply - im not sure of exactly what fixed this (but it is fixed) - I 1st tried your suggestion (moving the 100a CT to the main feed, and it started showing ~4,000w, which i knew was around the correct value). I then moved the same 200a CTs to a different port on the iotawatt, and they too started working!

1x follow up question- since i have both of the input lines being monitored by 200a CTs, how should i interpret the total load? ie is it the SUM of the 2x readings? or is it which ever is higher of the 2x? (the 3x thick lines im referring to are coming from the power companies meter, ie the main feed for entire house/panel)

please see image, thank you. (im in the USA FYI)

Your total power is the sum of the two mains. Most folks with split-phase create an output that adds them together. Mine looks like this:

So total_power appears under outputs with the current value.

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thanks for clearing that up- wow iotawatt is great , and so too is the software. I have TED monitoring 10x circuits at my current house (and a emporia monitoring setup also) - and am using iotawatt at my new house (and really loving it MUCH more than the other 2x).

one final question please: in this photo, on the 100am dual breaker, am i “missing some watts” by only monitoring 1x of its 2x wires? (ie If I should I have another CT on the second wire)? or can i just double the reading of the current CT?). - please see photo


That is all covered more thoroughly in the docs. Short answer is that if the load is a two-wire load i.e. it has no neutral wire, you can simply check “double” in the single CT setup. If it does have a neutral wire, you need to monitor both wires. There are several ways to do that as covered in the Docs.