3 Phase + 3 Phase Solar in Australia

We have just installed a solar system (13kw panels with 10kw inverter) and would like to integrate IoTaWatt for solar generation/consumption monitoring.

What I understood is that I would need to order

  • 1 x Base V5
  • 3 x AccuCt 100A for the 3 phase from the grid.
  • 3 x AccuCt 50A for the 3 phase solar inverter
  • Extra AccuCt 100A if I want to monitor each circuit on the board such as A/C

Then, I will need to source 9VAC & USB Power locally.

Did I understand it correctly?

Thank you for your advice!

Yes. Links for supported AC adapters are in the web store under Aussie Bundle. You probably can use 50A CTs for additional loads.

Great. Thank you for the reply!

Hi Vical, Its been sometime since your post - I am looking at the same setup - how has it all turned out? Any advice or things to look out for?