9V AC Reference Transformer 230V

Anything special about the 9V AC Reference Transformer 230V? Not available but can I simply substitute? I live in Germany. Thanks.

Yes. Its phase shift has been measured and the calibration factor is known. You can get one from Farnell in the UK.

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I ordered the transformer and a switched socket through Newark. I needed the 230V transformer because there is no neutral in the subpanel that feeds my HVAC equipment.

Socket: https://www.newark.com/pro-elec/9499smb/socket-switched-metalclad-1gang/dp/25M6399?CMP=e-email-sys-invoice-NA-Product

Trafo: https://www.newark.com/ideal-power/77db-06-09/plug-in-adaptor-power-supply-uk/dp/31Y6485?CMP=e-email-sys-invoice-NA-Product

I think that it was shipped to US Newark via the UK, so it took a while. They are showing stock on both the socket and transformer.


Thanks. I will order from UK since I live in Germany. I used Newark previously when I ran an avionics shop in Newburgh NY.