Ability to change wifi network

I’m using an IotaWatt in an office environment, with a few wifi networks around. I’ve connected to one, but I’m unable to change to another one unless I somehow disable the first network (which is out of my control) which would force the device back into AP mode.

Is it possible to factory reset the device over the HTTP interface?

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There’s no factory reset, but you can switch WiFi networks. Enter the following command in your browser.


The response should be “ok” and the LED should turn red. At this point, IoTaWatt is still sampling and logging data, but there is no longer a WiFi connection. Power cycle it to restart and set the new WiFi as you would with a new device. Note that if you have changed the device name (from IoTaWatt) you will need to use that new name to connect to the AP, otherwise the factory name IotaWatt (capital I and W) should be used.