AC coupled battery setup

Looking to order an IoTaWatt setup and I’d like to confirm what I need to buy. I’m in Australia and have a single phase house, 5kw solar inverter and a 5kw supply 13.3kWh AC coupled battery. In addition to the circuits I want to monitor, I assume I need one 50A CT for the solar, but how many do I need for the rest? The manual for the battery shows an AC to grid and AC to backup, what I’m confused about is I have the battery charges from grid and solar, all 6 supply circuits I have run off the battery when mains is on, but only 4 circuits are powered when mains is down (running off battery only).

I assume I can run 6 CTs for the 6 circuits, which should cover the 4 backup as well (?), but what do I need for solar / mains / battery?

The battery is an AlphaESS Smile 5, manual can be found here;

Appreciate any assistance

Yes you will need a clamp for grid mains, a clamp for your solar feed in and a clamp for your battery (non backup circuit)

If you intend to feed loads permanently from the backup port on the Alpha then you could put a clamp on it also

Typically you would wire up some critical circuits only to the backup port of the Alpha (such as lights, fridge etc etc) but leave things like AC, Oven etc away from it

You can then do a cutover either manually or automatically in the event of mains failure.

In the event of mains failure you will lose your voltage reference for the IOTAWATT so you may want to think further about that also