AccuCT is voltage or current output type?

Hello everyone,

I am checking the AccuCT from IoTaWatt shop
AccuCT 200A x 25mm split-core – IoTaWatt Stuff

From the label, it reads AccuCT-H100-200:50mA, it also says 50mA rated output.
I checked the webpage of AccuEnergy, but there is only 200:330mV.
AcuCT-H100-200:333 | Split Core Current Transformer (

Are they the same product?
What is the burden resistor and the turn ratio of the one from IoTaWatt shop?
I measured the resistance between K and L pins, and it says 280ohm. I’m not sure how these values are linked to each other.

Any idea is very appreciated. Thanks

AccuEnergy makes CTs with various specifications. All of the IoTaWatt CTs are 0-50mA output. They have no burden resistors as there are burden resistors in the IoTaWatt.

Thanks for your explanation.
Then I might need to look further on AccuEnergy’s website.

This makes sense that 50mA * 20ohm (the burden resistor inside IoTa) = 1V. For ADC with 3.3Vref and bias voltage divider, 1V input is quite reasonable.

What I don’t understand why I measured 280ohm between the K and L pins of the CT.
And do you know the turn ratio of this CT? I want to use it for other power monitoring project but without using IoTa, just want to be sure what burden resistor to use.

Thanks very much.

You have all the information you need. 200A:50mA = 200 / .050 = 4000 “turns” ratio.

Yeah, you right.
How come I ignored that. Thanks again