AccuCT - smaller amp clamps?

Curious - why do the AccuCT options only go down to 50A?

For branch circuits, we really don’t need a 50A product – it would be great if we could buy 20A or 15A versions.

I guess they just don’t exist? - buying the 50A AccuCT H040 is the “smallest” option?
Perhaps from a cost $ perspective, I might guess that a lower amp product wouldn’t be much savings or something?

That’s right. I’ve looked at 25A CTs from both YHDC and Echun. They are much lower quality and don’t really have the coils to push 50mA into a 20 Ohm burden as in IoTaWatt. There is not a linear relationship between capacity and cost. Moreover, with all of the CTs, the shipping costs and 25% tariff for China CTs are a large part of the price.

In terms of accuracy, the 0.5% AcuCTs at 50A are more accurate than a 20A or 25A mini-CT, even at very low power.

As a practical matter, the 50A are very versatile for both stocking and consumer use.