Accuracy, divergence with HydroQuebec

So I have been using iotawatt for 2 days now(newbie alert). I connected it to home assistant and I have a nice energy interface. I have 3 questions:

  • I measured 53,02 Kwh for my house yesterday. Hydro-Quebec tells me it was 53,4 Kwh. Do I need to calibrate ? Accuracy ? Maybe it’s okay to diverge 0.38 Kwh in a day ?

  • Hydro Quebec charges 6,159c/Kwh for the first 40 Kwh each day afterwards it’s 9,5c/Kwh. It’s there a way I can program this in Iota or Home Assistant to have an accurate daily cost ??

  • What’s MainExport.wh used for ?

Thanks a lot

Edit: 0.38 Kwh in a day it’s better than 1% accuracy, hence I feel it’s very good accuracy

Right. That’s 0.7%. That’s reasonable accuracy given that the revenue meter is probably +/- 0.5%. But you might take a look at how it tracks over a week or a month before making any conclusions.

There is probably a way to do that in HA. That is monitor agnostic, and more a function of their energy module, so I’d ask the question on the HA forum. There is no way to have IoTaWatt do that, but you can certainly use the query API to extract the data into a spreadsheet and easily work it out there. Probably not something you would be daily, but say monthly?

That’s for when you have solar or other alternative energy production. It would be excess energy that is fed back into the grid.

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I just deleted MainExport :stuck_out_tongue: My system is very easy, no solar, no gas nothing strange… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the help