Adding current value to Graph+

I’ve found a use for an old Nexus 10 tablet - show live graph of the power usage over the last 30 minutes to teach people in the house how much power things really use. Hopefully someone will stop using the heater in the bathroom as a light…

The graph is showing full screen on the tablet using a URL along the lines of http:///graph2.htm?graph=Live&embed and works a treat.

My only request is that if we could somehow show the current value, rather than needing to estimate it off the graph.

A decent sized font would be ideal, but perhaps a more realistic option would be to optionally include the most recent value in brackets on the legend?

Sounds like you need a dashboard. There are a few available.

  • Uploading to influx and using grafana.

  • Uploading to inflxDB 2 cloud (need a https proxy) and use their integrated dashboard. Very economical.

  • Uploading to Emoncms and use their dashboards and visualizations.

  • Using Home Assistant with the IoTaWatt integration.

Adding what you suggest to Graph+ is a slippery slope.

Taking the larger view, Graph+ is simply a web page that use the query API to fetch data. Anybody that wants to design and build a different web page for their purpose can do so.