Advice on what to order?

Can someone please give me some advice on what to order… I have a solar array which already has monitoring so not sure I need to do anything with that? I’m in Canada. Here are some photos of my panel. I have a second panel in the detached garage but I don’t need detailed monitoring of that.




Basic Monitoring would be a 120V kit. I would advise monitoring the Solar generation so that you can know your consumption regardless of whether it comes from solar or the grid. Probably need one 50A CT to do the solar. That leaves 11 additional; inputs to monitor individual circuits. You can decide which circuits are of interest. None of the breakers appear to be greater than 50A so 50A CTs should be fine.

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Thanks! Very helpful. Is the solar CT connected the same way as the other circuits?

Nevermind found it:

For branch circuits, it would be just the opposite. The source would be the circuit-breaker side, and the load would be the appliance side.

For a solar inverter connection, the source would be the inverter side, and the load would be the circuit-breaker or other point of interconnect.