ALPHA is now 02_05_02

This is the cleanup release for Graph+. It has been in use by ALPHA for almost 2 months with no big issues. This release addresses a few of the requests:

More info in tooltip
Preserve auto min/max Y axis in graph save
More memory efficient method of handling saved graphs
Document query API
Add group=all to group all measurements in the period as one metric
Change paths to work with Nginx reverse proxy


Increase size of influx password specification to 32 characters

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I restarted IoTaWatt and hit save on the configure page, but message log only says Updater: service started. Auto-update class is BETA and Updater: Auto-update is current for class BETA.

Do I need to set the auto-update class back to MINOR to get this update?

You would need to set it to ALPHA to get this release at this time. It will probably go to BETA in a week or two.

The sequence is


Of course. That makes sense. I misread ALPHA is now 02_05_02 to mean the previous alpha build has been released as 02_05_02.