Amps being calculated incorrectly

Just received my unit in Australia and started playing with the inputs and outputs.

The AC voltage tracks with my Kill-A-Watt correctly and the CT I currently have spare - a YHDC voltage type converted to current type by removing the internal resistors - is tracking watts correctly.

My problem is that when I create an Output for amps using the Configure Output panel, the amps calculated are incorrect.

I am on a single phase 240VAC system.

Any tips would be great.
Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 11.45.41 am

Not clear why you are adding GridVoltage in the output.

Specify only PV_Watts for output PV_Amps
Grid_Watts for Grid_Amps

I would change the name of input PV_Watts to just PV and Grid_Watts to just Grid.

Sorry, coming from 10 years using Openenerymonitor and emoncms.
So I now gather that one does not need to use the Configure Output panel for calculations like amp = watts / volts and that this is already calculated using the values already present from the sensors.
Took your advice regarding renaming. Does make a lot more sense.
All as expected.
Thanks for your prompt assistance.

I believe that is a division symbol, not addition.