An Observation after Latest Upgrade

Hello Bob,

My IoTaWatt is set up to upgrade on Auto-update Class: Major

On 9/28/21 at 02:42:35z it updated from version 02_05_12 to 02_06_05

Since this latest update the following has been noticed:

The Data Logs heading bar on the IotaWatt Power Monitor main window is opened automatically when the IotaWatt Power Monitor initial window is expanded by clicking on the Status tab.

Furthermore, the Data Logs heading bar does not function in the same way as the IoTaWatt Statistics, WiFi and Uploaders heading bars do, which open and close by clicking on the relevant heading bar.

When the Data Logs heading bar is clicked, it expands the height of the information section which is then reduced to its original height but not closed down after a second click.

Although this feature is not a problem, I thought I’d bring it to your attention in case it was not intentional.