Another dull red LED even after reboot resolved

I just discovered my IoTaWatt was not working, wasn’t connected to wifi, and had a constant on dull red LED. When I rebooted the device, the dull red LED came on instantly and didn’t flash - just stayed dull red. Checked the wifi and it was fine.

On a whim, I thought I’d try a different 5V power supply. It started up just fine and is now working. Found I lost a month of data while it was out. Moral of story - check every few days. But other than do data during outage all history is still there.

So it appears the 5v module went bad. But somehow it was producing enough power to allow the red LED to dimly light. Since I couldn’t find this solution in the forum, I thought I’d submit this report.

Love the device and the well thought out interface. Charlie

I’d be interested in the message log.

220414 iotamsgs.txt (9.8 KB)
Sure, attached is the message log.